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    Data Protection & Cyber Security

    COVID-19 has provided us with a stark and sharp reminder that operational and legal resilience must be prioritised within all of our organisations, so that we can withstand shocks and sustain our success. OGB is focused on helping clients to deliver meaningful, high-quality operational outcomes for Data Protection and Cyber Security. We do this by helping our clients to focus on the things that matter the most, providing them assistance with:

    • Vision and strategy development for the handling, use and security of data and the digital environment, including the achievement of ethical outcomes and business purpose.
    • Business transformation programmes that deliver Data Protection and Security by Design.
    • Technology strategy, procurement and deployment including for new and advanced processing purposes such as profiling, biometrics, automated decision-taking and AI.
    • Resilience, risk management and sustainable compliance to ensure the adoption of appropriate controls and accountability.
    • Stakeholder relations including data subject rights requests, customer complaints handling and workforce training.
    • Board and C-Suite engagement for corporate good governance, covering awareness raising through to support for effective executive decision making.
    • Personal data and security breaches from the development of playbooks for incident response through to notifying breaches to people affected and the authorities.
    • Crisis handling to enable the right things to be done in the most challenging situations, to mitigate harm and loss and to protect reputations.
    • Regulatory investigations and enforcement actions including evidence preparation, advocacy and representation in court.
    • Actions to resolve disputes and to defend against compensation.
    • Due diligence to help maximise deal value in mergers, acquisitions, investments and corporate transactions.
    • Horizon scanning and thought-leadership to help with issue spotting and to stay ahead of the curve.
    • Tools and accelerators such as workflows, templates and PrivacyTech and SecurityTech solutions, to help operationalise outcomes and to free-up management time.